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Meet Wendy Cecilia

Meet Wendy Cecilia

  • Wendy Reyes is a web designer, web developer, digital marketer, and creator of cecilia-wendy reyes- wendy cecilia - wendy reyes -web designer-wendy-wendy reyes wendy cecilia

Hi, I’m Wendy!


I’m a web designer, developer, digital marketer, and creator of I speak English and Spanish. I’m left-handed—also a stubborn human. I published several articles for online magazines and finished writing my first book of short stories. It is still unpublished. Only my Mama has read it so far.


I try reading and listening to podcasts but don’t know much about movies or TV shows. Also, I take too long to finish cooking a recipe, but I enjoy it. I avoid drinking alcohol as a personal choice. I’m half romantic and half realistic with a dash of “trust issues.” I am a little goofy as well, and I dance to every song.


I went to college to study business management and spent several years working in the construction and transportation industries in New York City. I learned a lot professionally, but I discovered my creative soul after several years in the wrong industry.


Later, I changed my career in 2014. It was scary initially, leaving my comfort zone and financial safety. I started school online and got certified in Technology. I began designing, coding, writing, publishing articles, and creating advertising content.


I’m way much happier working in Technology + Marketing. I enjoy the whole process of creating a campaign to give an online presence to an idea, product, or small business, or to help a new entrepreneur designing their first website. I enjoy my job, and it makes me happy to use my creativity, sharing my lifestyle at, and creating content that can inform, teach, or entertain.






I’m an island girl. I was born in the beautiful Caribbean and moved to the United States as a teen. I grew up traveling between both cultures and seeing the differences.


The culture of the United States is individual. The Spanish Caribbean culture is more collective. And I’m a mix of both, regarding how I see life and make decisions.


I’m incredibly protective of my whole family. My family belongs to my personal life, and my private life is just mine.




I’m working on creating my first “tech product.” It will probably be ready in 2021. And I’m excited and enthusiastic about the new possibilities and challenges. Something I learned these past ten years is to try to be unafraid of new beginnings or changes. There is happiness in overcoming things that make you afraid, or that you thought you’d never be able to overcome.


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Wendy Reyes Vélez


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