Hi, I'm Wendy!

WendyCecilia.com is a mix of web design, digital marketing, technology, and lifestyle content through storytelling. I’m based in the New York City area.

I started my career writing articles for digital women’s magazines as SheKnows Media and BlogHer.com. However, my interest in Web Development motivated me to learn coding skills: CSS, HTML, Phyton, and Javascript. These courses showed me the possibilities of working in Technology and got me interested in becoming a Web Developer, and made me fall in love with the combination of Web Coding + Marketing.

I’m Certified!

I’m a certified Web Designer. Certified Digital Marketer. Certified Campaign Manager. Certified Content Creator. Certified Online Advertiser. Certified Product Marketer. And Python Programming.

Other tech skills and certificates acquired: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Digital Sales, Display Advertising, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), HubSpot, SEMrush, and SMstudy Certified Digital Marketing.


My clients range from small businesses to brands. I focus on the technical and creative design of a product, content, or travel location.  


Direct all photoshoots, leading aesthetic decisions, creating the campaign, and overseeing online advertising. 


Redesigning and branding an old website to make a site more modern and easy to scroll or shop. A brand strategy is created around the client’s identity or business. The new website is built using Responsive Web Design under WordPress. Also, applying Advanced Custom Fields to create custom pages and sections easy to update in the future.


Content Strategy

Visual Identity

Product photoshoot


Digital Marketing

Content Websites

Email Templates

Marketing Product


Other Services

Blogging 101 Classes

Editorial Design

Content Calendar

Google Ads Tips

SEO Tutorial


Web Design

Front-End Development

Newsletter Templates

Responsive Web Design

Technical Support

User Experience

WordPress Development


For editorial inquiries and partnerships, contact [email protected]

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