Wendy C Reyes, UX Designer

Certified UX Designer and Python Developer

I love working in Technology and enjoy the whole process of designing an idea and giving that idea a place in the digital world. The main goal of wendycecilia.com is to inform or teach about Technology.

I’m a certified UX Designer, certified Responsive Web Designer, and Python Developer. I went to school to study Business Management. After several years of learning a lot professionally working in the construction and transportation industries in New York City, I discovered Technology, fell in love with coding, and went back to school to get certified.

My Skills:

UX Design

UI Design

UX Writing

Web Design

Lead Designer





Data Analytics

Design Project Management



Mobile Application Development

WordPress Development

Ecommerce Development Design

Bilingual: English and Spanish 

(Based in the New York City and Northern New Jersey area)

Hobbies: Writing, reading, dancing (Latin dances are my favorites), listening to podcasts, jogging, creating playlists for the people I love, singing without knowing the lyrics correctly, cooking at home (lots of salad and soups), painting my walls, and moving furniture around for no reason, learning a third language, understanding about minimalism, discovering each day how to adopt more healthy habits, taking long walks with a camera in hand, having a long bucket list of all the countries that I say I will visit one day and having a goofy sense of humor.

The main goal of wendycecilia.com is to inform or teach about Technology. On random occasions, I also post about my hobbies. 

Wendy Cecilia Reyes

 Thanks for visiting! To contact me, email me here:  INFO@WENDYCECILIA.COM.


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