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Essential Tips Using UX Microcopy and Navigation Menus

Essential Tips Using UX Microcopy and Navigation Menus

  • UX Microcopy - Words can make a difference when it comes to improving user experience.

UX Microcopy

Words can make a difference when it comes to improving user experience. Therefore, UX designers need to become familiar with UX writing. What is UX Microcopy? UX microcopy uses tiny words on a website that provides guidance and sometimes a call to action.

There Are Four Phases of UX Microcopy

  • Brevity: With microcopy, less is more —for example, a straightforward guide on a website, filling out a form, or finding information.
  • Context: It provides the user with enough information on a website to understand what might come next as it moves from one page to the next.
  • Action: When microcopy words motivate a user to make a move—for example, a click. 
  • Authenticity: Authenticity is crucial in reassuring the users to trust the website providing their information, such as signing up for a newsletter with their email. 

UX microcopy is the fastest way to enhance an interface. Here are some tips:

  • Personal Pronouns: Connect to the reader and use the word you; users enjoy being addressed directly. 
  • Use Verbs: Specially verbs that are direct and inviting. 
  • Avoid Concerns:  Be transparent, and ensure the user understands each step.
  • Natural Conversations: Write as if having a conversation, using user-friendly and familiar words. 
  • Error Messages: In a friendly way, explain what the problem is.

Using UX Design for Navigation Menus

  • Placement: Menus usually have a clear pattern we all follow; we place them on the left side, at the very top, or the footer. This is important because navigation must feel familiar and clear to everyone. 
  • Location: Show the user a clear idea of where they are while they navigate the website by reading the tab title and URL or changing the menu color. For instance, here on, if you click the category Technology, you’ll notice a change of color compared to the rest of the menu; this is done to create easy visual navigation for the user. 
  • Links: Correct link labeling is important because the link’s title should perfectly predict the location or item to the user before a click. 
  • Space: Make sure the top content on the website and navigation menu don’t compete for space; enough space should be left between both sections, ensuring the navigation receives the most attention. If possible, use different colors to differentiate. Click “Scroll To Top” on your bottom right side to check the navigation menu on this page.

Navigation menus are essential to UX interface design, where traffic and movement are provided the most on a website. In my case, I prefer keeping my menu design minimalist and simple. 

User Experience Product Design Decisions

The most beautiful designs are sometimes effective or practical. For example, let’s talk about Facebook; many designers think the app looks outdated, but Facebook is also functional and familiar for so many users. Design is not always about making things pretty; several decisions are considered to create a design, and the main goal is usually to solve a problem functionally.  

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Wendy Cecilia Reyes

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