My UX Reading List – Favorite Books About Design and User Experience

  • Several books helped me comprehend the combination of both coding and design working together in a better way. Here is my UX reading list.
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When I first started learning about User Experience (UX), I embarked on a journey to acquire knowledge and skills in UX design and general design concepts. I searched for many learning resources, including online classes, YouTube videos, and books. However, I began by learning how to code before delving into design. This decision led me to explore several books that helped me better comprehend the combination of coding and design. With this foundation, I could tackle UX design challenges with more confidence and ease. It became clear that a comprehensive understanding of UX design goes beyond mastering the technical skills alone. It also involves understanding the basic design rules and unleashing one’s creativity. These three subjects, UX design, basic design, and creativity, are deeply intertwined in delivering a successful UX project.

My UX Reading List

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My UX Reading List – Favorite Books About Design and User Experience

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