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My UX Reading List – Favorite Books About Design and User Experience

My UX Reading List – Favorite Books About Design and User Experience

  • Several books helped me comprehend the combination of both coding and design working together in a better way. Here is my UX reading list.
my ux reading list - ux design and user experience by wendy reyes -

When I first started learning about UX, I tried online classes, youtube videos, and lots of books to grasp a more precise concept about UX design and design in general. I learned how to code before designing and needed several books to help me comprehend the combination of coding and design working together better. It was easier to understand and practice a UX challenge after reading the basic concept of what I needed to create. When we talk about UX, we also need to talk about the basic rules of design in general. And when we talk about design, we also need to talk about creativity. These three subjects: UX, basic design, and creativity, are deeply involved. 

My UX Reading List

UX Design



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Wendy Reyes


Lean UX and Double Diamond

User-Centered Design and Frameworks in UX

Designing and Understanding a Good User Experience (UX Design)

Life Cycle of a UX Design Project

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