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A Walk of Delight At The Rose Garden (Storytelling)

A Walk of Delight At The Rose Garden (Storytelling)

  • There is no rushing on a garden, and it is taking the sweet time revealing all of its grandeur. Maybe that's how we humans should be as well. cecilia-wendy reyes- wendy cecilia - wendy reyes -web designer-wendy

Walk of Delight


The simple act of walking around The New York Botanical Garden during a Spring morning looked unreal. In the past, I didn’t know how to enjoy these moments without the feeling of procrastination at all times. According to my old self, there was always something more urgent, busier, and better to do than peacefully walking around exploring nature.


“We are experts in the habit of stealing our present.”

We can’t change time, so why rush? And we spend our current present always thinking about what to do the following hour. But instead of speeding this current hour running to the next one, we should imitate mother nature: Always calm. Always efficient. Always at a regular rhythm.

While I am typing this on my cell phone, I’m sitting on a bench at The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden in The New York Botanical Garden. And for this city girl, this place full of nature looks like a movie scene, and I’m in awe of every detail. I’m surrounded by majestic colors, beauty, and the fragrance of 3500 roses.


This award-winning garden, initially designed in 1916, completed in 1988, and stunningly renovated in 2006, is environmentally friendly. Every year it becomes accessible to visitors from late Spring to early fall.

While contemplating this beautiful exhibit, I noticed that everything is changing, growing, and transforming. But never in a hurry. There is no rushing on a garden, and it is taking the sweet time revealing all of its grandeur. Maybe that’s how we humans should be as well. Perhaps that’s how all that is beautiful gets created and obtained.

While on a journey, let’s enjoy the process of getting there. By acknowledging and giving space to our transformation, we could enjoy more all the simplicity that makes this life beautiful.

Three thousand five hundred roses surround me at this moment. One extra petal brings a Rose closer to its magnificence. The same transformation is happening to us. One new habit, change, or effort would take us closer to our real journey.


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Maybe it’s in the process of valuing the present where the transformation starts. I’m going to open up space for more time like this, moments to relax, and trust the soul.

I feel emotional when I’m in front of overwhelming beauty. Beautiful old architectures, art, songs, poems, and nature does that to me. My younger self used to suppress emotions, thinking that it wasn’t right to be so vulnerable. But now, I enjoy vulnerability and beauty differently.

The revelation and transformations from beauty don’t come from admiring beauty; it comes from what beauty reveals to us.

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I want to act like these Roses, working quietly day by day in their transformation and blooming until Spring arrives to show how beautiful it is to be present and participate in our own evolution.


Wendy Reyes Vélez

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