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Recommended Books by Wendy Cecilia

Recommended Books by Wendy Cecilia

  • I’m recommending some of my favorite old and new books with descriptions for each book: no alphabetical order and all book genres. I will add them as I remember them.

I’m recommending some of my favorite old and new books with descriptions for each book: no alphabetical order and all book genres. I will add them as I remember them. CLICK ON THE IMAGES and links for more information. (This list will be updated every two weeks.)


an-object-of-beauty-bookAn Object of Beauty – A clever girl is working her way up in the art world in the middle of New York City. The story is told from the perspective of one of her friends. The storytelling is intelligent, mysterious, and fascinating. Click on the image or buy it HERE.


the-wife-upstairs-bookThe Wife Upstairs – A suspense thriller about a girl who moves to a new city. She lived most of her childhood in foster care, and she moves to a new town full of mansions and women wearing diamonds. In this new city, she meets a handsome guy recently widowed, which seems to be perfect. But is he? Click on the image or buy it HERE.


What Would Frida Do? – This book is about the life of the artist Frida Kahlo. It is a biography of her life, sharing her life’s main chapters, which defined and changed her. This book about Frida tells us her story about marriage, love, heartbreak, and sex. And it also talks about her views on politics. It shares her problems with health and infertility. But this book shares her story as a pep talk and self-help book telling us how she handled each situation and with plenty of pieces of advice at the end. This is an inspirational book that would be great as a gift for a friend. Click on the image or buy it HERE


this-time-next-year-bookThis Time Next Year – She is convinced that her New Year’s Eve birthday is unlucky. Every year her birthday is more and more of a disaster. She shares her birthday with someone she knows and is sure that her unluck had something to do with him since he is the contrary and a fortunate guy. She blames all on him. Until later she starts developing feelings for him, and realize that things are not always as it seems. This story was funny with great drama—a light reading book to escape the world’s problems. Click on the image or buy it HERE.

the-star-crossed-sisters-of-tuscanyThe Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany – I’m obsessed with visiting Italy, and this beautiful book satisfies that obsession. Emilia and Lucy are cousins, and they believe some women in the family have a curse of not finding long-lasting love. Their strange aunt Poppy invites them to visit her in Italy with all expenses paid and promises them that she will break the family curse on her eightieth birthday. This book was beautifully written. It has adventure, and it made me feel that I was on a trip in Italy exploring the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and Venice. Click on the image or buy it HERE.

the-talented-miss-farwell-bookThe Talented Miss Farwell – This book is well written and based on a true story. It involves art, which I love, but I didn’t sympathize with the main character. She was a thief and a liar. But also, the girl truly knew how to get away with stuff and live a double life. The story is smart, adventurous, and it will keep you entertained. Click on the image or buy it HERE.

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you-had-me-at-hola-bookYou Had Me at Hola – They are both actors and need to be successful in playing their leading role. The problem is that they don’t have good chemistry on screen. It takes seventeen takes to achieve one kissing scene. So they agree to meet up in private to practice. And that’s when things get steamy between them (hey, steamy, according to Amazon standards. Ha!) This story is good for those romantics out there. Click on the image or buy it HERE.

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