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Random This or That Questions in Quarantine

Random This or That Questions in Quarantine


Quarantine Update: I accomplished baking banana bread. Check. Here are the “This or That Questions” that everyone keeps sending me while staying at home in quarantine. For sure, I’ll probably regret some answers later.


This or That Questions While in Quarantine



Snow White or Cinderella?

Geez… Cinderella was the fool who waited for a man to save her and knock on her door with a new pair of beautiful shoes? Lol… oh, girl.

Meanwhile, Snow White went for long walks in the wood, talked to squirrels, lay in the grass, loves apples, abandoned society, and according to her imagination, she “supposedly” lived with dwarfs? Wow, I’m Snow White!


Night Owl or Early Bird?

I’m a night owl during winter, which hasn’t been good for me in the past. I have spent years working with my internal sleeping clock to become an early bird. Some months are better than others. For example, during summer weather, I’m always happy to wake up early. But winter months are brutal, forcing me to stay on schedule. I’m a warm-weather girl by heart. I can’t fight my nature.


A Good Book or a Good Movie?

Depends. If I’m enjoying my own company, then definitely a good book. But if I have company, then a good movie as long as the movie is not scary. I hate scary movies.


Pizza or Pasta?

How dare you make me choose? Ha! I used to explore a new pizza place during my long walks in different neighbors in the city.

But, I would say, Pasta tastes ten times more delicious, significantly when someone else cooks Pasta for you. Right?


White Wine or Red Wine?

I avoid drinking alcohol as a personal choice, but I would say white—a glass of Riesling if I need to pick between these two.


French or Spanish?



Beer or Fruity Drinks?

None. I’ll pass if there isn’t a special occasion. I’m not a fun company to drink.


Long Walks or Picnics at the Park?

Ah, I love both! In Jersey, my long walks end at the park, sitting on the grass.


Chocolate or Salt Caramel Ice Cream?

Salt Caramel ice cream.


Love or Money?



Dark Chocolate or Regular Chocolate?

95% dark chocolate.


Rain or Snow?

Rain, especially during the summer. I am not too fond of snow and winter.


Rosé or Champagne?

Champagne. The taste of champagne in my mind is linked with celebrations.


Comedy or Horror?

I love good comedies.


Beach or Forest?

The beach.


Boat or Plane?

A plane.


Cappuccino or Espresso?

I was raised drinking strong coffee. Espresso.


Reading or Writing?

Ah, hard choice. I will say writing because it is a form of therapy, healing, and checking my own bullish*t when I write. But reading is a magical world.


White Sofa with Stains or Black Sofa with no Stains?

Black and perfect.


Singing or Dancing?

Dancing. I’m the worst singer on the planet, but this girl can move.


Cafe in Italy or Cafe in Paris?

Paris. But then I might drag you also to take a train to Italy.


Flowers or Plants?

Plants. Two years ago, I had maybe two plants at my home—currently, around forty. Send help!


Brown or Black Hair?

Brown everything.


Superman or Batman?

Batman was my crush as a child…Ha!


SPF or Large Hats?

SPF. Not a fan of large hats. I prefer caps.


Blue or Green Eyes?

Both have their beauty. But I will say green is rare.


Summer or Winter?

It’s kind of obvious by now—summer girl.


Fire or Ice?

Summer girl says fire.


Sunrises or Sunsets?

Sunrises. They announce beautiful beginnings.


Straight or Curly Hair?

Messy waves or wild curls. Rarely straight.


Long Hair or Short Hair?

Long dark hair up to the waist.


Roses or Daisies?

Pink roses are my favorite.


Avocado Toast or Caprese Salad?

Caprese salad.


Ketchup or Mustard?



New York or Las Vegas?

New York, New York.


Money or Fame?

My own hard-earned money.


Sex in the City or Gossip Girl?

Sex in the City. Although they had it all wrong. My favorite show is “Younger.” A lot better and funnier than those two shows.


Piercings or Tattoos?

Not a fan of either choice. My body is already art.


Online shopping or In-person Shopping?

Online shopping. I avoid big crowds.


Tacos or Burgers?



Writing Poetry or Reading Poetry?

Reading poetry is a guilty pleasure.


Family or Friends?

100% team family. Friends who?


Self-tanner or Natural Tan?

I’m trigueña, already naturally tan-skinned. Thank you, Mom and Dad.


Sweet or Salty?

Sweet, and that’s a problem.


Cozy Night In or Night In The Town?

I need to have the option of doing both. It depends on the mood. I love dressing up on a Saturday night with high heels and intense lipstick. Or simply go to bed early in pajamas and relax at home.


Leather or Lace?

There is power in the delicate lace.


Freedom or Hope?

Freedom. I could build hope through freedom.


Pasta or Wine?

Pasta. I get lightheaded quickly with wine. I never learned how to drink like a grown-up.


Silver or Gold Jewelry?

Gold tones look better on my skin tone.


Netflix or YouTube?

The travel videos from Alan X El Mundo on YouTube are my thing right now.


Mild or Spicy?

I’m down for spicy.


While Walking: Music or Podcasts?

It depends on the mood. But lately, every podcast episode from Esther Perel.


Cat or Dogs?



iOS or Android?

My left-handed personality works better with Android. I can’t deal with Apple iOS.


Big Party or Small Gathering?

Small gathering. Just the people I love. No strangers, please.


Short Term Relationships or Long Term Relationships?

Long term. I don’t like the express modern way to love nowadays. Disposable with just a click every three months. I get it; people meet more choices and open up their horizons.

But I prefer taking my time getting to know someone. I’m picky when it comes to men, so when I like someone, it is because I really like the guy. And because I have taken my time to know his likes, tastes, and opinions.


New Clothes or New Phone?

I don’t understand people who need to replace a phone every year. I would instead invest in my closet.


Never in Love or Several Times in Love?

Just once, with someone, I met after college. He was in my life for 11 years. The other relationships were lessons. It takes a special kind of guy and connection for me and not just anyone with a “swipe.”


Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

A loyal friend is rare, and that will make you feel rich?


Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

Home interior. Our home says a lot about our personality.


What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

Ugh, dishes. Dishes are the number one enemy of pretty nails.


Jogging or Hiking?

Jogging. I went hiking once…Ha! It was such an adventure.


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Kissing or Holding Hands?

He better gives me both. No choices here.


Passenger or Driver?

Passenger, so I could relax and control the radio…Ha!


Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?

Both. That’s not negotiable. Also, add curiosity. Add Compassion. Add kindness. Add open to communicate. Add playfulness. Add charisma.


Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

The beach.


International Vacation or a New TV?

International vacation for sure. Let’s go to Italy or Spain.


Honesty or Other’s Feelings?

Honesty while also respecting other people’s feelings.


Ninjas or Pirates?

Pirates of the Caribbean.


Spotify: Old songs or New Discoveries?

Discoveries all the time. I listen to all music genres and many podcasts. Right now is between the spoken poetry of Reyna Biddy. And all the podcast episodes from Esther Perel and Elizabeth Gilbert.

When it comes to songs, I’m a Latina from a Spanish island in the Caribbean, and I love dancing to the genres with African sounds from the islands. But my Dad also influenced a love for Jazz, Blues, Boleros, and Piano melodies. High School and College in the USA gave me Soft Rock, Pop, R&B, Spanish Rock, and Indie.

Different styles of music move me in different ways. We don’t wake up feeling the same way each day, so music is such a good healer. I don’t understand those people who listen to the same genre, artists, and songs years over the years. How do they change? How do they let go? I can’t keep old songs that keep me connected to my past while making me miss my PRESENT. It’s important to appreciate the old but also while opening space for the beauty of new things—the same with music.


Design Your Future Exactly as you Want it OR Redesign Your Past?

My future. I wouldn’t change my past. Some things were meant to stay. And others to leave. My sense of gratitude today comes from struggles, failures, mistakes, and heartbreaks that made me who I am today. My future, on the other hand, needs work from me and my dreams.


Baking or Cooking?

Cooking. Simple and delicious recipes. Quarantine gave me free time to cook more and use my book for new recipes, and I love it.


Spending Money on Clothes or Trips?

Ah, trips! City trips. Around the corner trips. International trips. Back home trips. Local trips exploring my states. Trips. Trips.

Clothes are beautiful, no doubt. It helps us introduce our personality when walking into a room, but it’s an exterior investment. Meanwhile, trips are personal. A trip gives us memories, experiences, and stories that will last a lifetime.


Library or Museums?

Hard to choose; I love both. But I will say the library because of all the years I spent around bookshelves.


Coffee Or Tea?

Coffee in the morning. Tea in the afternoon.


Perfect Teeth Or Perfect Hair?

Perfect teeth. Something I noticed immediately in people.


Mansion In The Suburbs Or Cabin In The Mountains?

Does the cabin in the mountain come with a view of a pretty relaxing lake? Otherwise, drive me back to the mansion, please. Ha!


Charming Or Genuine?

We are charming when we are genuine.


Democrat or Republican?

Geez…None. (let me roll my eyes for a second) I don’t belong to any political party. Blue pill or red pill like the matrix? People in this country vote on defense, trying to choose the less evil. And sometimes they become obediently blind by a political color and forget that we are powerful as ONE.


Smile Or Game Face?

It depends on the people around me.


Classical Art Or Modern Art?

The classics.


Lust Or Love?

Love is boring without lust. Both are needed.


Abs Or Chest?

On him? I want both. Ha!

Also, beer-belly, bad hygiene or excessive body hair isn’t attractive. That’s a no-no.


Natural and Real OR Cosmetic Surgery and Perfect?

On my body, 100% Natural and real.

In others, whatever makes them happy. I have met people who positively changed their life with a nose job. It is not always about being vain. Sometimes, it is about the best version of yourself for YOURSELF, not for others. What makes these people happier is not just the physical change but also the boldness to stand up to a change that would make THEM happy regardless of what others might think.


Skirt Or Pants?

Skirts on summer days and pants during the winter.


Fast Food Or Sit-Down Restaurant?

Sit-down restaurant. Let’s take the time to eat.


Heels Or Flats?

Both. Imagine jogging on high heels or dressing up wearing sneakers. Both.


Cardio Or Weights?

Jogging, yoga, and kickboxing.

Check. I just survived the quarantine “This or That” questions. Ha!



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Wendy Reyes Vélez


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