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  • My favorite exercise will be cherishing walking alone in New York City, appreciating its unique art, architecture, and human interactions. Exploring the city is an exercise. I love walking these streets with the eyes of a permanent tourist rather than a resident. My advice when visiting this city is to unplug from technology and discover the city's beauty on foot, as it could lead to falling in love with the best version of New York City.

My favorite exercise will always be walking while exploring New York City. The city is so vibrant and dynamic that boredom is impossible while walking its streets. I prefer to forget about all forms of transportation, including trains, buses, and taxis, and instead, I rely solely on my phone and professional camera. Sometimes, I bring my headphones, but most of the time, my curiosity is the perfect solo companion.

Being comfortable while walking alone is a great feeling of freedom, and walking in New York City is the ideal place for that feeling. Although I have only worked in the city and never lived there, I have always embraced it as a tourist, and I feel like a fortunate permanent tourist whenever I visit. The city has taught me countless lessons just by walking its streets. The art, architecture, and human interactions tell stories of people’s backgrounds with their body language, different accents, and eye contact.

Some people may find it boring to wait or walk alone around the city, but to me, that’s absurd. How could anyone be bored with New York City? It has so much to offer, and those who don’t appreciate its uniqueness are missing out. For example, the chaotic noise of the city mixed with the street artists’ performances could be music or bad poetry, depending on who is listening.

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In a world where we are constantly glued to our cell phones and overwhelmed by the world’s problems, it’s refreshing to turn them off and explore the city on a weekend morning. Looking up and taking in the city’s sights and sounds might lead to discovering new and exciting experiences. Once you discover the comfort of exploring the city alone, you might find that you’ve fallen madly in love with the best version of New York City. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because the city has so much to offer that you won’t want to stop exploring.

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