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How to Freshen Up My Closet

How to Freshen Up My Closet

  • Knowing what to buy and wear doesn't need to be challenging or expensive. And like many things in life, less is more.

We live in a time with too many options regarding fashion and style. There is always a new trend advertised each year. That’s why we should reconsider our current style in our closet or be selective with new purchases by buying more classic pieces. We might quickly fall into an episode of over-consumerism; not knowing what to buy and wear doesn’t need to be challenging or expensive. Like many things in life, less is more.

Nothing to Wear

Several years ago, while going through personal growth and changes, I gave away 75% of my old closet. I was going through a transformation internally, and the first thing was to eliminate excessive vanity or materialistic items around me, including vain people. Years of salary invested in a vain closet were given away without a second thought. I built a new life more aligned with my growth and started making new friendships with similar interests. As a result, I began returning to social events and networking, but since I gave my old closet away, I didn’t have much to wear. My closet was partially empty. Now what?


That’s when I discovered the meaning of a minimalist closet—buying classic pieces and neutral colors that could be reinvented throughout the years instead of purchasing the current trends or colorful pieces that might be out of style next year. I slowly started reinventing my closet by becoming more mindful of what I had and what I would keep for the long term. Luckily, I left my most charming and classic pieces in my closet. It wasn’t much compared to the old closet, but I quickly learned that my new closet, full of classic pieces, was more than enough. I just needed to add accessories and mix the pieces. Shocking! I had a new closet. 

“To err is human; to edit, divine.”

Less is More

During my twenties, I felt I didn’t have anything to wear in my wardrobe closet, and the mistake was trying to keep up with the brands. I didn’t know then, but trendy is a shopping trap that prevails by keeping girls in a competitive mentality based on appearance and vanity. But that’s a story for another post.

Know Your Body

In life, the more you love yourself, the easier it is to choose what works with your personality, body, and style. No need to make a decision based on what others think is trendy. Brands know that girls are discovering their unique styles and are trying new fashions, which translates into excessive shopping. Marketing strategies and campaigns were invented to constantly make a woman think the closet is empty or outdated. Instead, buying classic pieces according to body type and personality is the right thing to do. The goal is to wear a piece more than once rather than fall for consumerism by purchasing a new piece each month.

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I still fall in love with trendy colors, but now, I pay attention to quality fabric and shape; the question is, will I be able to wear this again next year? If the answer is yes, I might buy it; I play with the balance between classic and trendy by being picky with color tones, preferably going for neutral colors.

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