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How to Decorate and Beautify My Apartment to Improve Positive Energy

How to Decorate and Beautify My Apartment to Improve Positive Energy

  • I'm working from home and searching for decorating ideas to beautify my apartment and bring more positive energy. Therefore, I'm trying to see what works with my space.

I’m working from home and searching for decorating ideas to beautify my apartment and bring more positive energy into my place. I’m trying to see what works. It’s a blessing to work from home but spending more time at home pushes for better time management and creative office space to concentrate. 

  • The goal is to take advantage of natural light. Therefore, I’m moving furniture around, painting walls, and bringing more plants, mirrors, and new art. 
  • And to get new items to make each room of my space productive and efficient. 
  • Winter is coming in a few months, so I need a work corner and an exercise corner. 
  • I’m cooking more, so I want my kitchen to feel more gourmet and equipped for various new recipes. 
  • I need more storage because I don’t want any clutter. 

What Else Can I Do For Both Beauty And Positive Energy At Home?

I recently learned that according to Feng Shui, the sofa should always be against the wall, while hallways should be decluttered for energy to circulate. 

  • I’m working with what I have. I want to improve what needs to be changed and replace the items that no longer bring joy. (insert Marie Kondo’s voice
  • Sharing new ideas or products makes me feel calmer, happier, and more creative at home.

Feng Shui 101

Let’s clarify that I’m new to Feng Shui. Kindergarten kids probably know more than me about Feng Shui decor. My apartment needs an energy update, and I will use Feng Shui in every possible corner of my apartment. The definition of Feng Shui maintains that we should live in harmony with nature and our environment. That’s precisely what I’m looking for. I mean, I already have lots of plants. Does that mean I was Feng Shuing my life without knowing? Ha!


I have soft neutral wall colors. It’s a gray-green-white mix. Silver Sage, Gray Cashmere, and White Dove by Benjamin Moore are soothing and happy simultaneously and forever, one of my favorite wall combinations. 


  • Gray Cashmere
  • Silver Sage
  • White Dove 


Ninja Airfryer and blender


New graphic art for my walls from Desenio that need to be framed.


More Plants

Of course, I need more plants. I adore the great vibe plants bring to any place.

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Do It Yourself – DIY

I’m dangerous near handy tools. But luckily, I survive thanks to DIY YouTube videos. My dad always used to help me, but now that he is no longer here, I’m trying to teach myself how to be handy. It’s a work process that will take time while I’m slowly learning.

Home Office

I decided to invest in a beautiful corner space to improve concentration. So I rearranged the window area of my bedroom as my “home office.” Also, I added inspirational graphic art frame pieces by the window and a comfortable office chair. I’m facing the light while I work, and that’s exactly how I like it—a big difference from those dim yellow lights at most office cubicles.

The Closet

I’m adding up light inside my closet and more storage dividers. Sometimes I don’t realize how much clothing I have because it is not visible; my wardrobe is hidden. I’m trying to develop ways to help me stay organized while allowing me to see what’s there for easy access and outfit combinations. City problems, right? The perks of living in an apartment.

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