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I Got To Keep Moving On (Storytelling)

I Got To Keep Moving On (Storytelling)

  • Moving on? Easy. This is how we should do it. cecilia-wendy reyes- wendy cecilia - wendy reyes -web designer-wendy-wendy reyes wendy cecilia

Moving on? Easy. This is how we should do it. We focus on ourselves. And ONLY ourselves. We unfollow. We block. We delete. We deny them access to our lives. We stay away from toxic energy. We read. We listen to podcasts. We go for long walks. We take Turmeric and Ashwagandha supplements. We take long, relaxing baths. We buy that pretty outfit. We change our hair (don’t do bangs, girl).

We get manicures and pedicures. We buy a good camera. We travel and explore a new city. We eat healthily and work on our finances. We take a break from everything and everyone and, instead, spend time doing something new. We never, never, never make contact again, even if it kills us. We start a daily journal and put words to our emotions. We stop obsessing, and we accept a permanent goodbye. We forgive, but we also move on.

We take time to be alone for a while until we are ready; there is growth in solitude. We start embracing our new freedom. We take classes in Salsa dancing, painting, exercising, or whatever makes our heart happy. We go back to making plans with our old friends and find new ones in the process. And we accept that the past needs to stay in the past, or else it will hurt the present.

From this point on, we move forward. We love ourselves unconditionally, and we do so by regaining our present; we show for our dreams and pursue happiness every day. Easy, right? That’s how I got to keep on moving on.


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