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I’m a certified web designer. I build and customize responsive websites for small businesses while working with different design themes. My work integrates a marketing strategy, plugin maintenance, and search engine optimization (SEO). For example, you might need a website representing your small business, helping you grow your business, and attracting new buyers/clients. Responsive design means a web design that responds or scales itself to any size device (smartphone, tablet, or desktop).

Design and Development

The creation of a website starts with research. Searching for the right website domain name according to the client’s business and a clear niche vision based on the demographic audience, products, and business goals to be achieved.

Visual Impression

Your new website will be the online home of your small business, services, and products. So it’s essential to create an impression, with plenty of information about your products, services, and easy navigation.


More than 60% of online activities come from mobile devices, and Google is judging a website ranking based on its mobile presence. A better ranking means more visitors to your business’s website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your new website will be enhanced with SEO to be found by either local clients/buyers or a much bigger audience outside your local search area. Besides design, I’m also a certified SEO and SEM. Additionally, I could help you increase paid and organic traffic referrals and target ads to an audience based on languages and broader locations.

Digital Training for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

For NYC & NJ clients only, I could provide 2-3 hours of in-person training on maintaining, navigating, and updating a WordPress website. Also, set up a social media business account (Facebook Page Business, Pinterest Business, and Instagram Business accounts for your business). While also teaching you a first lesson on how to start an advertising campaign for your business. Click on “Meet Wendy Cecilia” to get to know me better. 


Learning How To Maintain a Website

In the digital marketing category, I guide new influencers and lead them into creating their first website, domain name, maintenance management, content creation, monetizing a blog, applying for affiliates companies, and more—all for a fixed price.

Disclaimer and Pricing

A media kit with prices is available upon request by email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] for pricing and request my media kit.

WENDYCECILIA.COM partners with several affiliate programs, meaning commission can be earned on purchases by those who visit this site and on any WENDYCECILIA.COM social media platforms. I only partner with and promote brands I genuinely love or use regularly. I might be willing to try/share a new product only should aesthetics and values match on both sides. 

As always, all opinions are my own. Let’s work together! Please email me your questions at:

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