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Improving My Sleep Sanctuary

Improving My Sleep Sanctuary

  • My quality of sleep had improved tremendously after investing in my bedroom. I made my bedroom cozy, relaxing, and calm to improve my sleep.

My quality of sleep had improved tremendously after investing in my bedroom. But unfortunately, sometimes, we invest money in unnecessary things but neglect our place to sleep and sanctuary. So I made my bedroom as cozy as possible. The idea was to get the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Here is what I did to improve my sleep:

Air Purifier for the Bedroom

I must confess that I recently got myself an air purifier for the first time during the winter months; it had been life-changing. However, I don’t think it will be beneficial during the summer months. I get good airflow at home and keep my windows open, except when the weather is over 90 degrees. Air purifiers help clean the air from dust, mold, and allergens and improve air quality. Make sure to find a quiet and Silent Air Purifier for better sleep. 

Blackout Windows Curtains 

Get yourself good curtains that block all lights at night. I’m the number one fan of sunlight and natural light. That’s great during the day, but not even a tiny moonlight ray should penetrate the bedroom. 

Get An Alarm Clock Instead of Using Your Cellphone

I depended on my cell phone for years to be my alarm clock. And for those of us trying to improve having a better good night’s sleep, a cellphone next to the bed is not the best idea. In addition, a cellphone emits blue light, which interrupts our circadian rhythms. Therefore, I got myself instead of a Sunrise Alarm Clock for Gentle Wake Up that radiates light in the morning.

I used to own an alarm for Heavy Sleepers because people like me who tend to stay awake at night tend to be fully asleep in the morning when it is time to wake up. However, my sleep had improved tremendously, so I replaced it with a gentle alarm using gradual light and natural sounds to wake up, precisely as our bodies and mother nature are intended for harmony. Let me tell you, going from heavy sleeper sounds to gentle sleeper improved how I start my day; it’s a more happy way to wake up and start the day. 

Use a Fitbit to Walk More 

Walking more for a better night’s sleep had been life-changing. I got my first Fitbit a couple of years ago, and my sister and brother-in-law introduced me to a friendly group competition inside Fitbit. The person with the most steps during the week wins the friendly competition. The whole team was very supportive, and we were able to send messages cheering each other or joking about our steps. I’m competitive, so I was immediately hooked and motivated to take more steps not to fall behind the team. 

That’s how I fell in love with using Fitbit and changed the sedentary life I previously had, from working for so many hours in front of a computer. Also, during the quarantine, I created a new friendly competitive team with some of my coworkers. We worked from different cities, but the competition kept us connected because we inspired each other to take more daily steps. 

If you are looking for similar changes, get your loved ones involved. Build a friendly competition among your group and boost each other to be more active. And eventually, taking more steps will take you to a night of good sleep. I prefer Fitbit to track my steps, but it could be any other app that works for you. Just choose one that lets you invite other people into your routine.

Track Your Sleep

A Fitbit watch also has a setting that helps track your sleep and gives you feedback based on your sleep habits. However, I don’t use it at all. It is necessary to wear a watch to sleep, and I am not too fond of jewelry. I find it uncomfortable, but that’s just me, but it works well for others. 

White Noise

Oh, a white noise sound before falling asleep in heaven. It blocks other sounds interrupting your sleep, like cars honking or loud neighbors. So I got myself a Silent Alarm Clock with white noise. Or download an eight-hour white noise song and play it all night. 

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I hope sharing my journey for better nights of sleep and health encourages you to stay healthy. I’ll keep sharing any new habits or ideas soon. Ciao! 

Wendy Reyes

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