Thank you to those who kept visiting my page even though I stopped posting for a while. I’m back to feeling creative and ready to put that creativity into my career and online presence. And bring some knowledge about the process of design technology and product design.

To be vulnerable with you (let’s pretend that we are friends sitting at a cafe), last year, I lost one of the most important people in my life, and grief is not always a place for creativity, at least not this time for me. I understand now that it is up to me to honor the memories by grasping life, being creative, reviving my curiosity, and accepting that life goes on, and it is a blessing to be here and wake up every morning.

Now that we have finished our coffee and talked a bit. Let’s create and start talking about design.

I’m no longer on social media. is the only place for my posts.

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Happy to have you here.




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