“It’s okay to outgrow people, places, and things.”


Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over (Storytelling)

I had my doubts if closing traffic and stopping the work for the past four years was the right move. Fear always shows up in those moments of change and asks the question: What if you fail?

I Got To Keep Moving On (Storytelling)

Moving on? Easy. This is how we should do it. Storytelling - Everyone is Baking Banana Bread

Everyone is Baking Banana Bread (Storytelling)

It seems there is a collective effort in the World to bake banana bread. I’m not Julia Child, but what could go wrong? I went to my kitchen and discovered that I had all the delicious ingredients.


Meet Wendy Cecilia is a mix of tech, web design, and lifestyle content through storytelling. Based in the New York City area. Wendy Reyes is a web designer, developer, digital marketer, and content creator.

A Walk of Delight At The Rose Garden (Storytelling)

There is no rushing on a garden, and it is taking the sweet time revealing all of its grandeur. Maybe that’s how we humans should be as well.